How did we get here?

This question isn’t easily answered. There are many things/changes that led us to this decision, but most won’t be important to you. The important ones for us were looking ahead as we aged as well as financial. As some of you know, we owned a farm; a two-story house attached to a three-story barn with a lot of town history. After being there for 7 years, we felt is was time to find a smaller home, one that we could call our own and one we could afford as we slipped into our senior years.

We had sold many of our animals and felt that the time was right for us. The animals that we still had could find new homes or stay at the farm, which they did. We wanted to stay in the area but build a home that fit US. After being together for 13 years, we felt we knew what we needed to live the way we like to live. We don’t require much.

So the hunt began; to find a piece of property that would meet several requirements…

  • Financially feasible
  • In the right locale (still close to family)
  • Good soil (for gardening)

And there were more…many more.

For Sale Sign

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